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3 hrs Hand Building - Practice Sessions

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This is a 3 hour hand building practice session. You get to keep your best two pieces which will be fired and glazed for you, at no extra cost, in studio white.
£45 pp
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3 Hour Hand Building Session - Untaught

This is a three hour untaught hand building session. You get to keep two pots or items at each session. Both items will be fired and glazed for you in studio white. Although it is not a taught class, there will always be someone present to give advice (if after a couple attempts you are stuck) and show you where things are. It is intended for potters who already have experience of hand building or who have taken a hand building class at Sak Beh Pottery.

We have a great selection of moulds for…

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5(1 review)
Tricia Patel - 29 November 2021
Beautiful studio and really instructive guidance and teaching from the friendly and knowledge owners. Highly recommended.
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