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Hand Building Workshop - 2 Hours

5(7 reviews)
An ongoing hand building workshop series with a Sak Beh ceramic artist.
£40 pp
What happens in this class?

Hand building refers to techniques such as rolling out slabs of clay (either with a rolling pin or slab roller), and draping the clay over moulds to form a dish or alternatively, pinching it into a shape, such as a cup, and attaching handles. You can also roll coils of clay and create forms by stacking the coils. So basically, it refers to the manipulation of clay with the hands, using simple tools, to create different forms.

On the workshop, you will be shown all three hand building techniques. These are coiling, pinching and slab building. Then your teacher will…

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Things to remember

When deciding what to wear, bear in mind that working with clay can be messy.

Latest Reviews
5(7 reviews)
Jessica Jennings - 2 October 2021
Fantastic evening spent crafting a piece which I cannot wait to collect once it has been glazed! So helpful, friendly and a lovely calm creative space - would highly recommend
Angela - 4 July 2021
I love pottery . I also love baking and decorating , and this happy combination came together in my first ever pottery class . I didn’t dare tackle the wheel (yet) so opted for the moulding clay technique clearly explained by owner Tessa who kindly sorted out the details of my gift voucher which I had been unable to use during lockdown . Sak Beh is a stylish little studio , intimate but with ample space to create and chat to fellow class mates , all half my age and amazingly creative ! I loved their enthusiasm and found the whole experience strangely therapeutic once the anxiety of starting from scratch faded . It was tempting to decorate my simple plate more lavishly, but had to reign it in , less is more !. Can't wait to see it glazed next .
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