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Make At Home - Extended Pottery Kit (includes firing and glazing).

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The Extended Pottery Kit includes extra tools, such as rolling pin, pottery guides, work cloths, rubber kidney, pottery knife and clay rasp.
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All our Make At Home range of Pottery Kits can be collected from Sak Beh Studio Pottery. We do post Pottery Kits out to potters but only within the London area. If you wish to collect, please contact Sak Beh Studio Pottery to arrange this.

This Extended Pottery Kit has many additional tools not included in the Basic Pottery Kit, such as clay rasp, rubber kidney, rolling pin, pottery guides, work cloths and pottery knife. The Extended Pottery Kit provides almost everything that you will need to make a high quality ceramic piece. The Sak Beh Pottery Kits are designed…

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What is Included
  • 3kg of clay, set of 8 tools (sponge, wood rib, met
  • Rolling pin, pottery guides, 2 work cloths, rubber
Latest Reviews
5(1 review)
Adam Wilkinson - 30 April 2021
I bought one of these kits when in lockdown, it comes with all the tools and kit you need to get stated. Rolling out the clay and making items at home has been fantastic, when I’m done with my designs I drop them off at the pottery for glazing and firing, it couldn’t be easier. Don’t worry if you’ve never don’t it before, order a box and get stated, I’m on my third teapot now!
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